SISTRIX Toolbox Quick Start Guide

Welcome to SISTRIX. Together we’ll improve your visibility in the Internet. In just 5 minutes you’ll learn the first steps and get an overview of the most popular features in our software.

We can only show you a small part of SISTRIX in five minutes so if you want to go deeper, join our small-group training workshops or contact support. During our office hours we are answering questions in under 9 minutes.

SISTRIX Visibility Index – Success with Google, Made Measurable

Since 2008 the SISTRIX Visibility Index has been the recognised benchmark for SEO success. We measure Google rankings every day for many millions of search terms and organise them into the easy-to-understand Visibility Index.

With your SISTRIX account you have access to the visibility of every domain. Simply enter the desired domain into the search bar and press enter.

The Visibility Index is updated daily and is available for 34 countries. If you want to learn more about how we do that, read the background to the Visibility Index.

Competitor analysis – The secrets of their success

In order to understand the Visibility Index value it’s best to compare it to the values of your competitors. In SISTRIX we give you access to over 100 million domains.

Navigate every domain by using the search bar at the top. Then, use the navigation menu on the left hand side to access the desired analyses. Here, for example, you can see the ranking keywords at

This evaluation is based on the biggest database for Europe – nobody delivers more keywords than SISTRIX. In the UK, for example, 36 million keywords are regularly updated. Across Europe, over 300 million keywords.

On-page Audit: For error-free websites

Technical problems on your website will make SEO success more difficult. The on-page audit in the SISTRIX Optimizer will recognise and list these issues. Sorted by importance, it allows you to easily fix problems.

The Javascript crawler from SISTRIX works using the same technology as the official Google-Bot. With the regular Lighthouse check you’re well prepared for the introduction of loading-speed as a ranking factor.

… and 291 more reasons

Up to now we’ve uncovered a small but important part of the Toolbox. To go deeper into the range of functions in the most-used SEO tool you can work through these very useful links:

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  • Workshop: Our small-group training opportunity
  • Handbook: An overview of every Toolbox feature
  • Contact support: Real people answering your questions.