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Success on Amazon- Higher Visibility and Better Search Rankings

With SISTRIX you can highlight the most popular product searches. Expose the secrets of success of your competitors, improve your rankings and target better results.

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SISTRIX Visibility Index for Amazon

Revealed – Amazon Search Success

Over a half of all product searches occur on Amazon. We measure which brands, resellers and products are successful in Amazon search. Trustworthy data from the creators of the Visibility Index.

  • Evaluate all brands, resellers and products with the press of a button.
  • Historical data for all brands, resellers and products helps you to understand Amazon.
  • For the important European marketplace. Amazon data for UK, DE, IT, ES and FR.
Search Engine Optimisation

When Search Meets Products – Amazon SEO

From search, to click, to purchase – with SISTRIX you can optimise your rankings on Amazon. Investigate the secrets of your competitors’ success and use them as a blueprint for your own.

  • Research keywords and topics with high demand in Amazon search.
  • Analyse which content and content formats work best.
  • Find out which strategy your competitors are using to succeed.
Analyse Product Reviews

Unfiltered Feedback – Customer Reviews

Today’s customers are more informed than ever, and express their opinions publicly. Analyse the Amazon customer reviews of products and brands and use that feedback to your advantage.

  • Analyse Amazon customer reviews and use the information.
  • Be informed about new customer reviews via email.
  • Learn from the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Keyword Research

Find thousands of new keyword ideas, analyse the search volume at Amazon. Assess the competitors’ keywords.


Create extensive, automated and individual reports with your logo, either for yourself, for within your company, or for your customers.

Product History

We don’t throw any data away. Discover how prices and resellers for a product change. Find out when new reviews are published.

API Interface

Use the SISTRIX data in your own processes and tools. API access is included in every account. Set-up in no-time!

Category Check

Analyse the competitor landscape for all Amazon categories – Who’s buying what product from what reseller and at what price?

And much more

In SISTRIX you’ll find lots more features. These are regularly improved and extended, without additional costs.

The SISTRIX Advantage

SISTRIX is more than just an Amazon tool – these features are always included:

World-class Support

When there are outstanding questions we’ll try to find the answer for you, quickly and professionally – our average time to answer is under 10 minutes.

Helpful Workshops

For beginners, advanced SEOs and for the pro’s. Our specialists share deep insights with you in a free workshop that covers many topics in and around SEO.

6 Users Included

Up to 6 users in your company can use SISTRIX, and all the features of your account, without restrictions, at the same time.

Complete Data History

You’ll only find this with SISTRIX. A complete history of data going back to 2008. Always fully available, without limits and questions.

Unlimited Analyses

Search through any domains that interest you without any restrictions. It’s not limited to just your own domain – access data for over 100 million domains.

Functions Without Limits

You can use all the functions in every booked module without any form of limit, without additional payments, for the times when you need more.