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SEO Basics

(12 articles)
Google Quality Rater Guidelines: How the Algorithm Recognises Quality
What is SEO? The SEO Beginners Guide
The 8 Most Common SEO Mistakes Made By Beginners
What is a captcha?
What is Baidu?
What is the World Wide Web Consortium – W3C?
What Is A DNS Record And What Is It Used For?
What are interstitials?
What is JavaScript?
What is Pop-under advertising?
What is a metasearch engine?
What are affiliate codes?

Google-Index, Google-Bot and the Crawling Process

(27 articles)
What is the Google Everflux?
Our web site is no longer in the index – have we lost our rankings?
These are the CTR’s For Various Types of Google Search Result
Crawl Budget: What does this mean?
Can the Google-Bot fill out and crawl forms?
Rich Snippets: What are the advantages?
What is the Mobile First Index?
Crawling and Indexing for extensive websites
What is the X-Robots-Tag?
Robots meta tag vs. robots.txt: what are the main differences?
Web Crawlers: How do They Work?
What is Google Search Console and How To Get Started
What is a User-Agent?
Changing Google Search through Entities
What is an HTTP referrer?
Google SERP Features: Result Types in the Search Results
Why does the amount of indexed pages fluctuate so much?
Find out how many pages of a domain are indexed by Google
How can I prevent the Google-Bot from crawling my website?
How can I remove a URL on my website from the Google Index?
Why am I getting different values for indexed pages in the Google search, the GSC and SISTRIX?
The consequences of negative user-signals on Google’s rankings
How can I quickly get a new page into Google’s index?
Shelf space optimisation on Google
Is a website with and without the www harmful?
Why does a blocked, noindex URL show up in the search results?
Why does a Google search with quotes sometimes deliver more results than the same search without it?


(41 articles)
Common CSS errors that can affect SEO
Common SEO mistakes: Canonical tags
HTML code: Common SEO mistakes
Open Graph: Overview and Tips
Common HTML link (external and internal) Errors
What is the canonical tag and how to use it
Common SEO mistakes with image alt tags
Content marketing
Learn About Structured Data
HTML headings (H1 – H6)
HTTP Status Codes
Title Element (Title Tag)
nofollow attribute value
Top-Level-Domain (TLD)
Google PageSpeed – the loading speed of a website
Duplicate Content
Meta Element (Meta Tag)
Domain move risks, and Google rankings: 6 Examples of problems
How do I safely move or migrate my website to a new domain name?
Website relaunch – Always use redirects
Image titles, alt and formats – Current best practice
Internal link optimisation
Anchor Tags And In-Content Linking
How to Use Rel Attributes for Better SEO
How do I use the x-default hreflang attribute for international content?
How should I handle my online-shop’s multilingual content?
What Is Breadcrumb Navigation?
How to Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool
What is a Footer and why you should use it
What is HTML validation?
What Is A Website Header And Why You Should Use It
What does rel=”author” mean?
What are Featured Snippets?
What is a favicon?
What is the optimal pagination for sites with a lot of content?
CSS – What are Cascading Style Sheets?
Do blog comments boost SEO? The pros and cons
Should a domain’s homepage rank first for a site:-query?
What is PageRank Sculpting?
What is the difference between SEO, Ads and Universal Search?
How do I optimise my website for Google News?

SEO Strategy

(16 articles)
How to Use Google Trends for SEO
SEO Due Diligence – what it is and why you need it
What is Web Accessibility and Why it’s Important for Your Website
Getting started with SEO in a small business
Inhouse SEO vs Outsourced Support
SEO Results, and tracking them
Regular SEO Tasks for Small Businesses
White, grey, and black hat SEO – What does it mean?
What is a ‘good SEO’ result?
What to Expect from an SEO Audit
5 Steps to Understanding Your Audience and Identifying Your Niche
SEO Vs PPC: Which Is The Best Solution For Your Website?
SWOT analysis – A Formal Approach to SEO Strategy
What is the AIDA formula?
How to Find and Work with an SEO Auditor
Why long-tail keywords are important for SEO success

Searching With Google

(9 articles)
Google Search Operators – Tricks for Better Search Results
What is Google?
What was DMOZ?
Alternative Web Search Engines
Google Autocomplete
All About Google SafeSearch
What is Google My Business?
What is Organic Search?
What is Year in Search (formerly known as Google Zeitgeist)?

Technical SEO

(3 articles)
SSL errors that affect SEO
Site Structure
What does URL rewrite mean?

Advanced SEO

(3 articles)
What is cloaking?
What is a CDN – Content Delivery Network?
Common JavaScript errors

Google updates and algorithm changes – complete list

(18 articles)
Google May Day Update
Google Page Layout Algorithm Update (Ads Above the Fold)
Google Panda Update
Google Payday Loan Update
Google Caffeine Update
Google Exact-Match Domain (EMD) Update
Google Phantom Update, May 2015
Google Core Updates
Google Expanded Sitelinks Update
Google Venice Update
Google Freshness Update
Google Vince Update
Google Penguin Update
Google Hummingbird Update
HTTPS Ranking Factor Update
Google December 2020 Core Update
Google DMCA Penalty
Mobile-friendly ranking factor update

Google Penalties

(5 articles)
What do I have to pay attention to in a Reconsideration Request?
What is a Reconsideration Request?
What kinds of Google Penalties are there and what are the differences?
How long does a Google Penalty last?
How do I recognise an Algorithmic Penalty?

SEO KPIs – Key Performance Indicators

(19 articles)
What is CPA – Cost per Action?
What is the dwell time or time on site?
What is CPO – Cost per Order?
What is Link Popularity?
What is a financial SEO indicator system?
What is an indicator system?
What is Inverse Document Frequency – IDF?
Ranking Distribution: One of the Most Important SEO Metrics
What is Bounce Rate?
What is CTR – Click-Through-Rate?
What is CPM – Cost Per Mille?
What is Net Popularity?
What is an impression?
What is an operative SEO Indicator System?
How to identify and use a SEO KPI, a performance indicator
What is Domain Popularity?
What does conversion mean?
Can I visually compare the Visibility Index to other KPIs?
What is IP Popularity?


(8 articles)
What are Expired Domains?
Using and correctly implementing Content-Syndication
What is link building?
How to Submit Your Website to Google, Bing and Yahoo
What is a Deep Link?
What are the general forms of link-distribution?
AMP HTML – Accelerated Mobile Pages
A Guide to Backlinks


(7 articles)
What do I have to keep in mind when creating a video-sitemap?
I have an XML-sitemap, do I also need an HTML-sitemap?
How do I create a sitemap for my website?
How can I submit a sitemap to Google?
How regularly do I have to update my sitemap and can I automate it?
How important is a sitemap for the indexing of my site?
Are there different kinds of sitemaps?

Amazon SEO

(28 articles)
Amazon Marketing: 10 Things You Can Do to Promote Your Product
Amazon AMS: Marketing Opportunities for Retailers and Brands
Amazon FBA: How Fulfilment by Amazon Works
Amazon Handmade: How it works
Amazon PPC Basics: What are the Options?
Amazon Ranking Algorithm: The Internal Ranking Explained
Amazon Keyword Research and Application
Amazon MWS: What It’s Good for and Why It is Being Replaced
SKU: The Unique Way to Identify Your Items
Amazon Brand Store: How to Create the “Shop within a Shop”
A+ Content: Detailed Product Descriptions on Amazon
ASIN: What is the ASIN number at Amazon?
Amazon Bundle: Advantages and Requirements
How to Request, Analyse and Use Amazon Reviews
Best Sellers Rank: How does Amazon’s Sales Rank Work?
Amazon Seller Central: What You Need to Know as an Amazon Merchant
Amazon Vendor Central: The Cockpit for the Vendor
How to Put Ads on Amazon in Six Easy Steps
Selling Products on Amazon: The First Steps
Amazon Brand Registry How-To
The Purpose and Significance of EAN Numbers
Brand Registration at Amazon: Benefits and Features
Amazon Seller vs. Amazon Vendor: Which Business Model Should You Use?
Amazon Brand Analytics: Helpful Sales Data for Your Success
How to Drive More Sales With Your Amazon Listings
Product Images on Amazon: Why are They so Important?
Amazon Buy Box: Why You Want It and How to Get It
Amazon Keyword Monitoring: How to Monitor Keywords and Rankings

SEO Talks

(4 articles)
SEO for Extensive Websites
Google Ranking Factors
DIY or outsourcing – SEO agencies, freelancers or in-house experts?
Mobile SEO

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