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Introducing: TrendWatch, the SISTRIX Data Journalism Team, and a Podcast
We enjoy very positive feedback on our Blog content with case studies and data studies the most popular so, to that end, we’ve built a data journalism team that will bring you more. The aim: create high-quality, interesting and transparent data-led stories to help the digital marketing community. The team […]
Steve Paine
SEO 2022: Three Predictions, and the Trends for next year
2022 is a few hours away and, as with the last year, we are not facing a revolution, but a steady and rapid evolution. In this post: three theses and a set of opinions on current SEO trends.
Johannes Beus
New packages, new data, new features: SISTRIX Changelog 2021.
For the last 13 years we have continuously improved SISTRIX with free updates to the SEO toolkit. In 2021, we saw one of our most productive years in expanding the tools, features and data analyses across more than just one search engine. Here’s a look at the what we achieved […]
Steve Paine
New SISTRIX packages: More Data, Analyses & Functions, for All Users
As of today we are offering SISTRIX data, analyses and functions in new packages. All users will now be able to perform important SEO workflows, and there’s a very special offer for existing customers.
Johannes Beus
SISTRIX Christmas Campaign 2021: You Click, We Donate
Rituals and festivities are particularly important in dynamic times like these and that’s why our Christmas Ferris wheel is turning again this year and we’re donating 10,000 euros. 
Steve Paine
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